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A Little Jazz and a View

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Upright Piano

" our restless world like this is, love has ended before it's begun..." - When I Fall in Love - Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole invented cool on a piano keyboard. Elegant and effortless vocals, wonderful lyrics, and sweeping arrangements, Cole was one of the most popular entertainers of his generation. His soft jazzmusic talking to an intimate music friend over candle light. 
JazzDaBri's pianos on prints have a spontaneity.

Jazz Piano Print

Music Friends Around the Piano

"....if you should miss the A Train, you'll miss the quickest way to get to Harlem...." - Take The A Train - Billy Strayhorn, played by Duke Ellington on piano, surrounded by music friends
Ellington's reputation keeps growing long since his passing. His jazzmusic arrangements and compositions are known for their clarity and sophistication. Pianos, singers, writers, horns......Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington in retrospect is considered America's greatest 20th century composer.  
JazzDaBri lends an ear with this wonderful print

Pianos Friends

Jazz Players and Pianos

"'ve got to feel that heat, and we can ride the boogie...." - Off The Wall - Produced by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones Jr.

Quincy Jones is considered one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century. Stumbling onto a piano during a break and enter, Jones fell in love with playing pianos and other instruments. Music became his ultimate friend. Prints by JazzDaBri.

Blues The Storied Saxophonist

Deep Blue Jazz Saxophonist

The minimalist raw line work of a saxophone in the hands of an abstracted jazz player, this image has pathos. 
Thinking back to saxophonist Dexter Gordon. Sonny Rollins, and John Coltrane inspiring each other endlessly. Learning and developing modern jazz. Gordon often played behind the beat. His musical language was large, spacious.

Jazz Saxophone Orange Chocolate

Jazz Saxophone - Saxophonist

Charlie Parker, known as "Yardbird", was the most influential saxophonist. Developing bebop, a virtuoso on the saxophone, the Bird was a great composer. Ushering more complex harmonies into jazz, Parker truly began the modern jazz era. 
Jazz is a truly unique mix of American art and ideas. Prints are available.

Saxophone in Red

This is a hot jazz. The abstract cat is on Saxophone.

John William Coltrane was a saxophonist at the forefront of "Free Jazz". That liberty is in this artwork. Coltrane was endlessly talented, appearing on many recordings. Most notably he creates on "Kind of Blue" and "Blue Train".