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Slow Hand

Blue Print Rock Guitar Guitars
Electric Guitar in Blue

The ever famous graffiti in London, "Clapton is God". The birth of "Slow Hand" on guitar as a legend. Cream was early metal. Together they inspired a generation. Electric Blues rock music was Eric's after life. Virtuoso on many guitars, acoustic and electric, blues, rock and country music, home became LA to London.

JazzDaBri's print is a cool blue minimalist creation. Engaging music friends, add an elegant statement to your studio walls.

Red Hot Rock

Red Orange Black Guitar Guitars Rock
Electric Guitar in Orange Red

The heat is coming off this rock poster.

" it's a hot one, like seven inches from the mid day sun..." Carlos Santana - Smooth featuring Rob Thomas. 

Santana's electric guitar playing is full of character music note for note. Mixing Mexican themes and Latin Jazz, Carlos is one of the most inspired rock musicians of our time. Guitars and women, good or bad.

Purple Electric

Rock Music Friend Prints Guitar Guitars
Electric Guitar in Purple

Psychedelic Rock

"...excuse me, while I kiss the sky.." Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze.

The rock music is soaring in these prints of guitars by JazzDaBri. 

Hendrix is completely unforgettable on guitar. Forever an American icon tragically lost to us. The Star Spangled Banner, and the war, completely rewritten earlier one morning in Woodstock, NY. Jimi was perhaps the most creative force in rock guitar. Everyone's friend in music, Jimi lives on through his gifts to us.

Electric Bass Energy

Green Rock Bass Guitar Guitars
Electric Bass in Green

"....the future becomes the past, so you can press rewind..." Solo rock funk mix by Divinity Roxx. Roxx plays bass guitar, and other guitars, as Beyonce's "Musical Director". Divinity is one of the biggest names in the industry today. She has a true sense of style.

JazzDaBri's Electric Bass in Green brings home Hip Hop energies.

Guitars Blazing

Rock Music Bass Guitar Guitars Print
Electric Bass in Orange Red

Guitars all on fire

"......been dazed and confused...for so long it's not true...I wanted a woman, never bargained for you..." Robert Plant on vocal, John Paul Jones Electric Bass Guitar. Led Zeppelin in the house.

John Paul Jones is one of the most successful rock musicians of all time. Multi talented on guitars, keyboards, etc.....he is the back bone sound of Zeppelin, and more recently Them Crooked Vultures. His music lives on with today's young folks. This print is red hot.

Bass Guitar Rock Friend

Prints Rock Music Friend Guitars Purple
Electric Bass in Purple

Music Friend Bass Guitars

".....maybe I'm a lonely man who's in the middle of something that he really doesn't understand..." Sir James Paul McCartney - the incomparable electric bass guitar player. McCartney plays several different types of guitars

The public simply sees Paul as a music friend. Someone who reaches us. Someone we welcome into our living rooms. The charming rock star. JazzDaBri prints are a unique mix of character and ageless minimalism.