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Baby Grand Piano

This blazing pianoprint is dedicated in memory of Ludwig van Beethoven, the great classical music creative.

Music is an exploration. Pianos more than other instruments allow the composer a greater range and more organization.

Beethoven's 5th Symphony Opening Classical

The opening notes to Beethoven's symphony are Morse Code for "V". The BBC during WW II would open each radio show with these music notes symbolizing a belief in Victory. Churchill would don with his hand two fingers to bring the allies together, a V.

The 5th symphony is synonymous with classical music. The simply rhythm naturally delights people. Little known, Americans buy more classical recordings than do Europeans.

Beethoven Music Notes in Black

Beethoven's 5th Symphony, the opening Music Notes

Perhaps the best known snippet of classical music, the clarion call of the hunt is unmistakable. These music notes put in motion a symphony with an uncanny resolution. 
Beethoven lived a troubled life with many ups and downs. Probably bipolar, he wrote composed by hand in a rushed way. Later in life going very deaf, in his mind, Beethoven could compose without ever again hearing it in concert.