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A Little Jazz and a View

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Blue Country Music Acoustic

".....go rest high on that mountain...son your work on earth is done" Vince Gill, American Country Music star. One of the loneliest voices in country, Gill is a very versatile musician. His acoustic guitar accompaniment is from a simpler day in America.

The whole is greater than the parts. This minimalist image bears that out.

Acoustic Guitar Print

".....they buried him beneath the willow..." Brad Paisley, American Country Music star. The easy green in this print speaks volumes to nature. Paisley is as much at home on an electric guitar as an acoustic guitar.

Music needs strings, so they say. JazzDaBri simplifies this image. The harmony in this artwork comes through for your enjoyment.

Country Music Prints

Acoustic Guitar Country Music Prints

Set the world ablaze with an acoustic guitar. Prints by JazzDaBri offer something truly unique.
Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" comes to mind. Country music would never be the same. Mexican influences meeting Scots-Irish country. Forbidden love rising through the flames.

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine...." Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line